The Different Types of Contempt

Friday, November 23rd 2012

Nerd contempt: when people are contemptuous of people who do not understand something technical or precise or attempt to garnish their thoughts with unthinking pseudo-technical buzzwords.

Academic contempt: see above. But with a special emphasis on Performance Intelligence - where a person can convert a certain type of academic intelligence into peer recognition and reputation.

Manager contempt: when a person is contemptuous of people who don't understand the business implications of certain social cues, norms and so on. People who lack "the bigger picture", as the manager would say.

Alpha male contempt: when a person feels contempt for those who lack strength and don't know how to participate in a dominant fashion in the breeding process.

Alpha female contempt: the same as alpha male contempt.

Artistic contempt: when a person feels visceral disgust for an artistic work or a person who is making that art.

Religious contempt: when a person feels contempt for people who don't share their religious views. And argue against them in a naive rational way.

Scientific contempt: a variety of nerd contempt with special reference to people who don't understand the subtleties of the scientific method.

New Age contempt: when a person has nerd contempt for people who don't understand the nuances of getting the right vibe, have crude attachments to vulgar displays of wealth and power.

Right wing contempt: the other people are naive children with no understanding of the real world.

Left Wing Contempt: the other people are naive parents who are keeping us down.

Aesthetic Contempt: everybody has this, but some develop it into a personality. A visceral hatred for things that deviate from a person's taste.

Tradie contempt: contempt for those that are impractical about, say, plumbing or engines.

Philosophical contempt: contempt for those who lack the ability to think metaphysically.

And so it goes on.

Whatever the contempt is directed at is usually something the person is quite confused by and afraid to investigate. It is simply to categorise and dismiss it.

Contempt of this kind is nearly all its guises is actually lack of empathy: a heuristic that allows a person to brush off things that might lead them out of their chosen psychological speciality - being a nerd, an alpha male, or whatever is. The realm of comfort. It is the triumph of the known over the unknown, the safe over the risky.

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